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can you live without the internet?


It may seem like an impossible fact, but here’s the truth living without the internet at home is doable and not a prison sentence. It can improve your life! Hahahahhaha


Before I get into why I will live without internet at home, I first want you to consider these statistics.

  • On average, we spend approximately 3 hours on social media every day.
  • On average, we pick up our phones 58 times a day.
  • On average, 79% of us check Facebook within 15 minutes of waking up from the bed.


I think living without the internet, will save my dad money. My Dad spent close to 60 USD (32 000 XAF) for an okay internet at home. I'm very sure it will force me to be in the present and explore the world beyond the device screen. Disconnecting from the internet can mean less stress.
Can help you:

  • Be more focused
  • Have less stress

Why I will easily get my solutions from the internet, no internet. I will be forced to read books, learn games like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Cluedo. Without the internet, I will less likely to stay at home. So will take a walk and explore new places. The Internet has separate physical time with my friends, just the good moment to reconnect with friends physically.

This is probably my favorite thing to do, going to bed early. Sleep can have a huge positive impact on your health and well being. I know when I am tired, I am more likely to get sick and feel down.


The internet is a great tool and is not an evil thing. Lots of people have better themselves with the internet. But our society has grown unlimited internet, and this has taken away some important things from us. So give it a test run, try unplugging and living without internet at home.

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