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Hello steemians around the globe🌏!
It's a pleasure to be writing about kindness. As the saying goes" kindness is caring for others, even when they may not care for you ." I say it is choosing to acknowledge and celebrate the beauty in others, regardless of whether they see it in themselves.

Each year February 17, national random act of kindness ,is celebrated by individuals, groups to encourage the act of kindness. The movement of random kindness inspired me some years back. I started doing act of kindness to people I meet on dairy basis ranging from giving a helping hand to older people when ever i see it needed. Am super excited in reading different acts of kindness in this contests ☺️.

Back from my roots , where I grew up we exercise different acts of kindness on a daily basis even within knowing. It's bad parental upbringing for children to walk pass elders carrying a load without helping them. That I say it's an act of kindness encouraged through customs and traditions of the kedjom Ketingoh people.

Any act of kindness binds us though unknowingly, because it's bridges the gab between different tribes, races and different beliefs and religions. I love being kind because it's a pain killer, increases my happiness.

I have this kid in class that has little or no parental concern . At times, I have to call before someone comes to pick him up. He lives like a mile away from school and mind you his main road to school is through the high way. We live in opposite direction and today, I waited and called but the number was out of reach. I needed to find his way home. We boarded a cab and went home and I saw that kind of feeling loved in his eyes. Though I didn't meet his guidance at home before they maybe busy with different Christmas preparation. I left a message and left. Before I could arrived home, I received a call from the guardian and they were very grateful and thankful I came.

You know, just by doing the following daily , you are being kind to someone, just by opening a door for someone,by smiling, by being thankful for their care and love, by giving a honest compliment, treating someone for tea or coffee.



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 4 months ago 

Try little kindness, show little kindness
This is wonderful love it

 4 months ago 

Thank you for reading my act of kindness.

Try little kindness,
Show little kindness This is
Wonderful love it

                 - pchords4

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Any act of kindness binds us though unknowingly, because it's bridges the gab between different tribes, races and different beliefs and religions.

Small gestures can really brighten a person’s day. you ended the day of that family with smiling faces.

 4 months ago 

Yes that's how kindness is, at times you don't ever know it that important to some one
Thank you reading my diary 🙏

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Thank you very much !!@resteemsupport
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