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Hello, great steemians!

It's Wednesday and today is a very important day which the Bangladesh celebrate their victory. Bangladesh celebrate 50th victory day ( 16th December). It's a joyous celebration in which popular culture plays a great role. Television and radio stations broadcast special programs and patriotic songs. The main Street are decorated with the national flags. That's how amazing they celebrate or so I read.

Not forgetting the world monkey day that passed on the 14th December, it was created by students in the michigan State University (Casey sorrow and Eric Millikin) in the year 2000. Monkeys are superior to men in this: when a monkey looks into a mirror, he sees a monkey.(Malkom de chazal.

In school, it was fun being with my kids as continued viewing wonderful skills in them as they Involves themselves in their different activities ranging from sensory education, Art's and craft, painting, storytelling, elementary and many more. I started with my Christmas cards today, it was fun having the kids write Christmas wishes on their cards. With drilling and motivation it was a great success ❤️.


Me encouraging the kids as they copy



Exceptional job💯

It was a great day in school and it ended well. Back at home, I visited a neighbor who was decorating his house with staffing designs and it looked really good. I enjoyed it as I ponder the type of design my ceiling will have in few years to come when I have finally built a house🤔. Due to to the techonogical Achievement of the 21st century. Wishing the workers great job was good as I left .


Neighbor's house

Electricity has been the order of day in my community as we slept without light. This I heard is due to an electrical fault in our transformer, I pray we have light soon. Children are always afraid of the dark and my kids are no exceptions to that, with the help of solar energy we managed to continue with home activities like washing, and revision of kids books as they complete their exams.

I remembered I have a continuous assessment tomorrow in school at 2:30pm, this I needed to arrange my stuffs so as to wake up early as I sleep early too. Glancing through my pamphlet was what I did before rounding up with this diary you are enjoying, not forgetting to thank you for always reading my diary. Good night!
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I can't think of the state of schools and the level of education after poverty in africa

 4 months ago 

We hope to be better in few years to came

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