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Greetings fellow members of the steemit world 🌎.
I wish to present to you all my favorite day of that week Saturday March 13 / 2021 .

It was a day full of excitement and entertainment. I enjoyed every Saturday much more better than any other day because my activities that that always keeps me happy and joyful.

I got to the field that morning a little bit late at thesame time I realized I was early had to chat with my club members for a while cracking jokes and making fun of each other .

We then put up the net and the warm up began there at the field every worry ,stress or anger I carried while on that court it vanishes and I become a new and refined person.

It was suppose to be a match of club members against the executives but the executive turnout was poor poor so we played a missed game with all the fun and entertainment after playing for hours I felt like not coming home. I did a good number of smatches, blocks and team spirit to carry the team ahead.

After those long hours of play I came home well satisfied and happy and I wore that smile and laughter on my face all day long. What an interesting and memorable day it was for me.

Thanks for reading my first favorite day of the week entry post🙏