The Cameroon Steemit Njangi: a steem program to retain/reward steemians and power up @steem-cameroon to 100k SP

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What is Njangi?

“Njangi” is a Cameroonian term for an institutional practice whereby individuals decide to come together usually to form a group that meets on a regular basis for the purpose of saving and/or raising money for the mutual benefit of all participants. It is an old African practice of money management that strives to economically empower her members. In French-speaking Cameroon, it’s known as “tontine”.

How Njangis work?

Njangis are mostly created based on trust and mutual support, with the principal objective being to economically empower each other.
Njangis could be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and the regularity of such meetings is usually pre-determined at the beginning of the njangi
During the Njangi meetings, members make financial contributions which are then handed over to one member of the njangi group every meeting.
The amount of the financial contribution from members is pre-determined at the beginning of the njangi, and the beneficiary of the njangi may be pre-determined at the beginning of the njangi or determined during each njangi meeting. Njangi beneficiaries may be determined by ballot, requests or through an assessment of the problems at hand of the Njangi members.
At the end of a njangi session, all members do benefit from the njangi, and the amount benefited will be equal to the amount contributed by each member, without any excess or interest.
Summarily, a njangi could be viewed as a thrift practice that serves to informally provide financial benefits to its participants without the constraints or burden of the formal financial system. Njangi is not a financial institution like a bank and does not receive financial deposits from members of the public. Njangi is a practice that encourages economic and financial empowerment of her members and unlike a bank, there is no financial interest charges or profit making from Njangis.

Njangis in Cameroon

‘Njangi’ is an important binding force of the Cameroonian people, encouraging economic and social empowerment.
As long as anyone can remember, communities in Cameroon have had a history of networks or solidarity groups that facilitates the pooling together of financial resources that enable individual members of such groups to utilize such financial resources to fulfill their dreams. The traditional framework of these solidarity groups have existed within cultural associations. The practice of njangi has however evolved over the years and can now be seen among non-cultural groups, including other social organizations, Alumni, neighbors, etc.

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Steemit Njangi

The idea of Steemit Njangi is inspired by the success of the Cameroonian njangi system. The way the Njangi is intended to function is not yet fully defined but for now, the concept is aimed at recruiting, retaining and empowering steemians to grow on the steem blockchain.
Besides creating high quality content and social networking, lots of Steemians are on the blockchain for the money and if we must keep them to be active on the blockchain, then we must derive diverse strategies for them to make money.

The raison d’être for starting the Cameroon Steemit Njangi

For some time now the Country Representatives and some Cameroonian Steem Pioneers have been working on some structural and strategic reforms for the Steem Cameroon Community. One of the tools as agreed by the team to be used to commit and power up the @steem-cameroon community account is the Cameroon Steemit Njangi. The raison d’être for starting the njangi are;

  1. To power up the @steem-cameroon community account to 100k SP in less than 02 years. Each beneficiary of the Cameroon Steemit Njangi, will give 50% of their Njangi revenue to @steem-cameroon as part of their share capital for the 100k SP Power Up Project
  2. To retain and reward Cameroonian steemians to Steemit by committing them to this 12 - 24 months initiative
  3. To economically empower Cameroonian steemians
  4. To support Cameroonian steemians and give them absolute exposure on the Steem blockchain via upvotes, comments and resteems i.e. to trend Cameroonian steemians' blogs.
  5. To reach out to Cameroonian steemians with juicy upvotes
  6. To build solidarity and a strong support system among Njangi steemians across the globe.

How the Cameroon Steemit Njangi is going to work

In a bid to realize her goals it was agreed that all @steem-cameroon members should follow the curation trail, delegate to @steem-cameroon and contribute 100Steem each for the powering up of @steem-cameroon to 100k SP in within a maximum duration of two years. The following simple steps have been put in place for the smooth functioning of the Cameroon Steemit Njangi/100k Power Up Program:

  1. @steem-cameroon is giving out 100 shares of 1000 Steem each to Cameroonian steemians who are willing to invest in the @steem-cameroon community account. Shares are open to any Cameroonian Steemian willing to participate in the 100K SP Power Up Program
  2. Shares can be claimed via the Cameroon Steemit Njangi or via direct purchase using local currency (CFAF) and paid to @steem-cameroon.
  3. Cameroonian steemians can claim 1 or more shares depending on their ability to pay in the shares.

4. Cameroonian steemians who decide to claim shares via the Cameroon Steemit Njangi will;

  • Contribute 1SBD every week on Sunday and give to one person who is referred to as the "Njangi Beneficiary". Njangi members shall forward their 1SBD to @steem-cameroon and then @steem-cameroon will forward 50% of the njangi funds to the Njangi Beneficiary and use the remaining 50% of the funds as the Njangi Beneficiary's share contribution for the 100k SP Power Up Program.
  • The njangi beneficiary will then use the 50% of the Njangi funds received from @steem-cameroon for his/her personal use as detailed in the "Njangi Beneficiary Post"
  • This implies, prior to benefiting the from the njangi, the Njangi Beneficiary must write a Njangi Beneficiary Post in which he/she will detail what he or she will do with the Njangi funds.
  • The Njangi Beneficiary Post will receive comments, upvotes and resteems from all Njangi members to give the Njangi beneficiary absolute exposure. This means, if there are 40 Njangi members, the 40 members will leave 40 comments, 40 upovtes and 40 resteems on the Njangi Beneficiary Post(s) of the week so that it can trend.
  • The Njangi beneficiary post will receive 100% upvotes from the country representatives @mr-greens, @saxopedia, @fombae and @njiatanga as well as a 100% upvote from @steem-cameroon. The post shall further be upvoted by @steemcurator04 and/or @booming. The post may also be lucky to get an upvote from @steemcurator01.
  • Njangi members further agree to make monthly Steem Deposits so that by the end of the 12 months program, all Njangi members must have paid in at least 500 Steem to @steem-cameroon for the 100k SP Power Up Program.
  • Njangi members will leave a minium of 3SBD caution to @steem-cameroon so that in case they are unable to raise 1SBD during the week, they can take 1 SBD from their caution and play the Njangi for the week.

Pioneer members of the Cameroon Steemit Njangi/100K SP Power Up Program

For over a month now, the Cameroon Steemit Team has been sensitizing members of their community on the need to power up their community to 100K SP in less than two years. After a series of meetings, @steem-cameroon opened up 100 Shares of 1000 Steem each and ever since then, Cameroonian Steemians have been expressing their interest to be part of the @steem-cameroon 100k SP Power Up Program via the Cameroon Steemit Njangi. Below is a list of Cameroonian Steemians indicating their total number of shares claimed for the Steem Cameroon 100K SP Shares Program.

SNNameNumber of Shares
TOTAL4284 Shares

Cameroonian Steemians who are interested to be part of the 100k SP Power Up Program via the Cameroon Steemit Njangi should notify because the njangi begins on Sunday 23rd May 2021 and our pioneer beneficiary is @chant.

@chant, please proceed and write the Njangi Beneficiary Post telling us what you will do with 26 SBD. When the post is published, please share a link to the post in the Steemit Njangi WhatsApp Group.
Meanwhile members of the Cameroon Steemit Njangi can start sending in their 1SBD to @steem-cameroon. They are also reminded to comment, upvote and resteem the Njangi Beneficiary Post of @chant.


The official list of the Njangi members will be known after Day one of the njangi which is Sunday 23/05/2021. This implies, new steemians can add to the program while those who already expressed interest can decide to drop or can add/reduce their number of shares

Benefits of being part of the Cameroon Steemit Njangi and 100K SP Power Up Program

  1. With 100K SP in the account of @steem-cameroon, members will receive very juicy upvotes
  2. Absolute exposure and support on Steemit from the njangi members e.g. Njangi beneficiary post will receive 41 comments, upvotes and 41 resteems as well as100% upvotes from country representatives
  3. Commitment to @steem-cameroon and Steemit for at least 01 year
  4. The 1000 Steem Shares for the @steem-cameroon 100K SP Power Up Program is an investment with investment rewards. The specific amount for the investment rewards will be deliberated and validated by the General Assembly.
  5. Steem security: We have charged @nforyembe of to draw up legal articles for the 100k SP Power Up Program as well as articles for @steem-cameroon. These articles will be legalized (notarized) so that each share holder shall have his/her share certificate to further secure and guarantee their investment.
    This implies in case of death or disability, the Steemian's investment will be guaranteed and continue to yield investment rewards.

You can start sending your 1SBD for the Cameroon Steemit Njangi to @steem-cameroon.


 2 months ago 

This is incredibly wonderful @steem-cameroon. Kepping flying higher and higher we got your back. Atleast with the curation trial, Steem delegation and the Njangi the objectives must be made. Kudos to the teams and more grease to your elbows. Just that the memo for the Njangi SBDs haven't yet been made public nevertheless I'm hoping to send mine soon. Thanks again

 2 months ago 

Wow kudos to #steem-cameroon, what an initiative, it all started like a joke but here we are flying already,i want to extend my gratitude to all the cameroon steem leaders who had been relentlessly sensitizing the 100k SP power up of steem-cameroon, i am also part of the curation trail,as well as part of the njangi,i was up for contributing 1share for the njangi but with what i have read and seen on the post i will be willing to change my mind to 2 or even 3shares right now, congrats to @chanty for being the very first beneficiary to the njangi,I'm looking forward to see her beneficiary post where she'll be telling us how she'll use her 26SBD ,i am also one of the delegators of SP to the power -up 100kSP of steem-cameroon, i have delegated 70sp already and also going to power-up more so that i can reach my target delegation 1000SP... i am happy that one day too I'll be a beneficiary of the njangi, I'm ready to pay in 2shares now and not 1.
I believe that is really a way of empowering Cameroonian steemians and making them stay on steem, @thegreens,@fombae,@saxopedia we are seeing all your efforts and sleepless nights, working hard on building our community,I'm looking forward to reap what we are sowing now, all the investments and future juicy upvotes.
I'm @rexiano and i am changing my share from 1 to 2shares... i will also resteem post on my blog

 2 months ago 

Noted @rexiano. Your shares shall be updated.

 2 months ago 

After numerous discussions and here we are today for the njangi. I believe with this move, Steem Cameroon is growing to higher heights. We can proudly say that we are now walking the talk. Forward ever and backward never💪💪💪.

#cameroon #twopercent

 2 months ago 

Great initiative to support the community and individuals of steem Cameroon. I happy to be part of the system. Higher heights to the Team

 2 months ago 

Congrats to steem Cameroon forward ever backward never ,IAM happy to be part of the Njangi organised by steem Cameron

 2 months ago 

It's always a pleasure to walk in tbe oath of growth in a community. This is not only going to boost us but obviously our community. This will enable us to attain those set goals personally and as a community. I have always believed in the leadership that is productive and hard-working. So I support this activity and also say I'm very available to do this project to the end and others too. Let move it guys. Steem Cameroon to the peak
#twopercent #cameroon

 2 months ago 

This project is a very feasible one. That explains why i have decided to be part if the winning team. Everything about this project is a win win.

Thank you to the steemcameroon for such a brilliant project. We are looking forward to the results.

 2 months ago 

What a great initiative from sSteem Cameroon

 2 months ago 

Perfect initiative. I'm part of this!

 2 months ago 

Ooh my God 😍,I'm so so happy to be a member of this njangi group and I promise to increase my Shares as soon as possible when I have a stand

😮 oooh my God. Wow wow !!!! this is so wounderful. Quite amazing. I feel so happy seeing this beautiful move. The sky is our starting point. Forward ever backward never. Am reading from now till the end.
#twopercent #cameroon

 2 months ago 

I am very excited to be a part of this initiative that will take @steem-cameroon to another level.

 2 months ago 

Njangi is a great sign of community and society Spirit. It builds the urges to support one another. Am so grateful for this opportunity to be part of this amazing innovative Idea. And am looking forward to support this idea and be part of it full time.

 2 months ago (edited)

Great initiative ,hoping that the njangi is a success
Thanks to the admin for this great idea it will help motivate Cameroonian steemians to be more active
Through this we’ll get to explore more and more new ideas and contest in steemit.

 2 months ago 

I think so far we are on the right track to 100k SP, commitment is the key . I pray with all the devotion we are putting in from the start will go right up the end of this first round.
Njangi has always been the financial backbone of most Cameroonian parents, bringing this initiative here was really great. We all benefit from the concept and skip over financial difficulties.

Steem on @steem-cameroon
 2 months ago 

And it came to past in the last days that the cameroon steemians shall pour forth their SBD and the @steem-cameroon account shall reach 100k SP.
I'm in🙏🏾

 2 months ago 

Finally here we are with the cameroon steemit njangi/operation power up @steem-cameroon. Actually this makes me feel happy as nearly all cameroon steemians are in this together.

Lets move up people....
See you all at the top...

 2 months ago 

This is great. I pray we be push this till the end successfully.

Good luck to us all.

 2 months ago 

Best initiative so far....indeed we can't grow if we isolate ourselfs .Togetherness they say is power.Longlive @steem-cameroon

 2 months ago 

👏👏👏 big ups to @steem-cameroon for this greet initiative. I always love to venture into investment. I believe investing is greater than reaping just yet. It is painful yes. But the reward is sweeter than the pain of investing now. I am so in.

 2 months ago 

First all thanks to the @steem cameroon for bringing in such a wonderful measure and also all their efforts in making sure that we continue moving from one step of the ladder to another through their endless support and mentoring. This njangi is going to go a long way to help some of us who are still new to boosts the reputation of steem cameroon.

 2 months ago (edited)

This is extremely excellent! Just like a dream of hearing about this njangi, we are at the action phase. Gracias to @steem Cameroon and with all our team spirit, we are going higher heights.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step! Let's keep the flames burning🔥

 2 months ago 

This is a perfect initiative. Through this, our success in steemit will be inevitable

 2 months ago 

This is soo wonderful,am so glad to be part of this.

 2 months ago 

Will love to be part of this beautiful community. Forward ever backward never

 2 months ago 

Just to declear my intentions toward this. I will like to say i am interested.