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"Imagine a world where we can succeed by being nice..., Where we all look out for each other... Where we all pay it forward... and where kindness is the norm."

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There are things we do every single day with intention, yet we don’t even think about them. We wake up, take a shower, brush our teeth, get dressed, drive to work or school… all part of our invisible routine. What if we added a moment of kindness to our invisible routine? What if we woke up and as we turn the alarm off, we immediately send an uplifting text message to a friend? Or during the morning commute, what if we let someone merge into traffic with a wave and a smile instead of feeling upset or slighted?

On the other hand, If you have been on the recieving end of some kindness, you may recall how it made you feel. I'm pretty certain it wasn't unhappiness or misery? The feelings that rise up inside us when we witness kindness or some other act of moral beauty, or when we give or recieve kindness lead to a whole array of positive emotions.

We are inviting you to post any act of kindness you did during the day and as well within the week. It could be:

  • Replying or commenting to a Post you enjoyed reading on steemit
  • Visit a nursing home
  • Pay for someone’s coffee
  • Help someone with chores
  • Buy a homeless person food
  • Get to know someone new
  • Call someone you love
    and so on....

We are looking forward to see various and different act of kindness you can think of even if not mention in the above list. We will also like you to put the following in consideration before coming out with your content.

  • Act Selflessly, Not Selfishly
  • Always Put Yourself In The Other Person’s Shoes.
  • Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated
  • Celebrate Wins, Even If They Aren’t Your Own
  • Reach Out To Those Who Are Struggling

Rules of the contest

  • No Plagiarism!!! No Plagiarism!!! No Plagiarism!!!
  • Not more than one entry a day
  • Drop a comment on this post
  • Subscribe to the Steem Cameroon Community
  • You should include #actofkindness among your first 3 tags
  • You can also comment with the link to your content on the comment section of this post
  • Each content should be a minimum of 300 words
  • Title: ACT OF KINDNESS CONTEST @yourusername (date)


  • There is no first, second or third price. Three best contents will be selected every day and authors shall get 5 steem each and might as well get upvotes from the steemit team ( @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 ).

At the end of each day and every week, we shall create a post announcing the winners of the day and week respectively.

cc: @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02
 4 months ago (edited)

This is so amazing I really feel happy about #steemcameroon community for it's growth and progress , this is a season of love so leaf ride on

Love is giving
Love is sharing
Love is kind
Love is patient
Love is endurance
Love is sweet

The season of love and showing kindness is where we are today

And showing love to the needing make God feel happy and make heaven open to us

You do not need to have enough before you show other love

As we love each other may God love be excess for us

Much love
Best regards
Great contest

Thanks, we are hoping to read from you. Why not be one of the winners this week

I had love to be
And thanks for the opportunity.

 4 months ago 

Wow, this coming at the right time. The season of love. I'm very sure many will not missed out of this contest.

 4 months ago 

Wow I love 💕💕 this contest. Showing love to those in need especially the vulnerable group.

Great contest this will be, Act of kindness. Thanks so much for this contest open

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