Steem Cameroon Best Day Of The Week Contest 05/10/2021

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Steem Cameroon Bestday Contest 2nd Week of April

Welcome to another awesome week of my #mybestday contest by @steem-cameroon, and for those who are unaware about this contest, my Best day contest give Steemians all over the glope to share about that happy moment within the previous week with others here on steemit. So for this week, Participant are expected to write or share with others about their Best day or that happy moment from the 3rd of May, to the 9th of May...


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  • Your title should be "Steem Cameroon Best day Contest - date"
  • Upvote and resteem this post
  • Not more than one entry per week
  • No Plagiarism!!! No Plagiarism!!! No Plagiarism!!!
  • Subscribe to the Steem Cameroon Community
  • Your content should be a minimum of 250 words
  • You should include #mybestday among your first 3 tags
  • Comment with the link to your content on the comment section of this post
  • All entries should be published in Steem Cameroon Community
  • Good contents with #steemexclusive will be submitted for upvote from #booming account
  • Contest ends on the 13th of this month (Any entry after the 13th will be discarded... )


Steem Prices shall be distributed at the end of every week to all participants while lucky authors might get upvotes from the steemit steem.

  • All entries with #steemexclusive will benefit from an upvote from @booming account via community support program
  • The best 3 entries will receive 3 Steem each.

Thank you,
Steem Cameroon Team

CC: @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02
 last month 

I can't miss this contest, I am on it 100%
Thank you for bringing us such contest every week

 last month 

I'm definitely going in for this this time around

hello @steem-cameroon , am I accepted into the #SteemCameroon community, I come from Indonesia 🙏

 last month 

I guess so, just follow the rules, making sure you subscribe to #Steem-cameroon and posting your content in #steem-cameroon.

Thank you my friend @dokter23

 last month 

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to partake in this contest ,here is my entry post

 last month (edited)

Beautiful, I'm on it hihihi. But don't understand how it is 2nd week of April instead of first week of may🙏🏾

 last month 
 last month (edited)

My entry . Had posted sunce yesterday but network won't let one be
Steem Cameroon Best day Contest - 13/05/2021.