Steem Cameroon Seminar Announcement.

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Organizing this seminar or workshop can be an exciting way to strengthen relationship with current steemians, establish new relationships and further develop or learn from each other. However, it is also a time consuming activity. Not only do one need to prepare the content that will be presented to attendees, we also need to promote steemit properly to give people a 100+ to join.

There is nothing more frustrating than having done all the work, and finally ending up with only a few supporting friends as your audience.
After taking a look at the number of steemians or people who are aware of such an amazing platform here in Cameroon, the Steem Cameroon Community team finally resolved in organizing a Steemit seminar where attendees are giving information or training about the in and out about steemit

flyer designed by @saxopedia

Goals and Objectives

The main objectives of the seminar is for the recruitment, retention and reward of steemians (3 R's)

Special thanks to @nforyembe the CEO of for Y'G(Yems Group) for giving us a space and other resourcesto hold this seminar.

Rewards from the post shall be used to better plan and organize this seminar.


 3 months ago 

Great initiative @saxopedia
Am looking forward to meeting all my cameroonian steemians on the 24th of January 2021. Will remember to bring along some friends too❤️.

 3 months ago 

Great initiative @saxopedia
I am happy to be in the steem cameroon community and look forward to meet all my cameroonian steemian brothers and sisters as we make this platform a lovely place ...
Come january 24th will be a great day

 3 months ago (edited)

@rexiano, you reply to @monjuapollonia and not to the post.
Always click Reply below the post, not the Reply below a comment. Thanks, we appreciate your comment. We are hoping to meet you too.

@monjuapollonia, we are hoping to meet you too. You have been one of the most active newbies in the Steem Cameroon community.
 3 months ago 

Okay thanks for the Correction @Steem-cameroon

 3 months ago 

This will be the first of its kind. Steem Cameroon community will be holding its seminar after creation. I'm very hopeful that this will not only bring Cameroonian steemians together, but it will boost the spirit.
This is a fine opportunity I will have to talk to some newbies. Great job to the Steem Cameroon team.

Let's promote steem all I can

 3 months ago 

Looking forward to this event. I hope it'll be promising 🤠

This is a wonderful opportunity and I will be delighted to be a part of the program

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