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The Greens’ Steem Bank Power Up Challenge

Today, The Greens Steem Bank launches the #powerup challenge that strives to encourage Cameroonian Steemians to be powering up their accounts. Some of the bank’s objectives are to
To reduce or stop the power down of Cameroonian steemians’ Steemit accounts via the provision of very low interest Steem loans. We believe, if we give Cameroonian steemians loans, they will reduce the rate at which they power down their accounts.
• To give Steem trading and investment alerts to Cameroonian steemians
• To guide and provide Cameroonian steemians with information on how they can better invest in Steem

This explains why the bank is launching #ThePowerUpChallenge; so that Cameroonian steemians can invest more in Steem.

How to enter the Power Up Challenge.

The challenge is open to Cameroonian Steemians and to enter the challenge requires the steemians to;

  1. Take a screenshot of your account before the power up to attach in your #PowerUp Challenge Post as well as a Screenshot of your account after the power up and attach in your #PowerUp Challenge Post.
  2. Power up can be done between the 01st – 10th of June 2021
  3. Publish your post in the @steem-cameroon community and use #spud4steem, #promo-steem, #powerup and #thegreens as your first five tags
  4. Comment with a link of your post on this post and on this post
  5. Upvote and resteem this post
  6. Participants for the Power Up Challenge must not be powering down their accounts and pledge not to power down their accounts for a minimum duration of 3 months

Power Up Challenge Prize

The Greens’ Steem Bank will give 1 Steem for every 50 Steem powered up.
Besides the 1 Steem given for every 50 Steem powered up, the bank will also give a 50% withdrawal charge reduction to the any Steemian who participates in the Challenge. The 50% withdrawal charge discount is a onetime deal for any withdrawal transaction that will be done by the Steemian within the next 3 months after the Power Up Challenge entry.



Meanwhile today, is SPUD4STEEM and you can enter the SPUD4STEEM Challenge by @kiwiscanfly and win giant prizes.
You can learn more about SPUD4STEEM and enter the SPUD4STEEM Challenge today:


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The Greens is a grassroots environmental organization that strives to educate, inspire and engage young people to take action to combat climate change and be at the forefront of biodiversity conservation and waste management.

 2 months ago 

I have been waiting for this challenge all last week. I don't have much power up to do but I believe my little contribution will be good enough.

Thank you @thegreens , I always look forward to reading from you Daly

 2 months ago 

From little things, big things grow! Hit the power button!

 2 months ago 

I'm so happy to have participated in this wanderful challenge .here is my entry 👇 👇

 2 months ago 

Congratulations on your recent power-up. Together, we are better. Let's keep firing up for a better steem future

 2 months ago 


553 Steem Powered Up. I'm powering up coz of YOU and I. Join me to power-up for you and I:

 2 months ago 

As promised I am here with my entry. Thank you for the opportunity

 2 months ago 

Powering up shows growth
click here for my entry

 last month 

My entry😔 took part but commented on one of the links sent🙇🏾‍♂️