The diary game: 21/05/21

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Hello to every member of the steem cameroon communit. Here's my diary for the 21/05/2.

I woke up today at 6 am, prayed, went toileting, brushed my teeths and made breakfast for my aunt and i. I made pear salade and we ate it with bread. I didn't clean the the house today because there wasn't enough water left in store for us at home, so i only swept.

After which i took my bath to go for my observation at my practicum site but then a course mate who went there first called me not to came for there was no body around. since it was still early and i had no class i decided to study for a while and not let my day waist. When i felt like not studying anymore, i took my phone watched some videos on Facebook and as well discussed with friends on WhatsApp.

At about 3pm i was feeling hungry so and didn't feel like eating food the food that was at home, wanted to eat fried eggs, so i made some and ate it with abit of garri.

And later some pineapple

After eating, i decided to spend some time reading the bible and spending some time in the presence of the supreme leader (GOD). When i finished, i watched some comedy's on television and took my bath, did abit of revision in preparation for my c.a tomorrow. When i was feeling tired i went to bed.

Thanks For reading
Good night


 2 months ago 

Hahaha we all don't like when there is a class and we have time to relax and chat a little with our friends. Hope you wrote the CA well. Because that food there is only for intelligent people.
#affable #cameroon

 2 months ago 

Hahahah thank God i wrote well

 2 months ago 

Garri and eggs is a very good and fast meal for students.
Thank God you didn't actually waste your day.