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Hi dear friends, i hope you guys are doing great.
I got up today around 7:30am a little bit late for market but, i wasn't in a hasted bc we have very few customers on Sundays. The morning was fresh and chilled due to the rain that fell during the night.With so much struggle i managed to drag myself out of bed and did some chores, took my bath, and left for the market.
The market is always scanty on Sundays but as usual, i have my cousin Diland to keep me company and though business was slow, we didn't notice it because we discussed for the whole time.
There isn't always food to buy on Sundays because the woman who sells food, doesn't sell on Sundays so there was nothing for me to eat.Though i was very hungry, i decided to persevere till 2pm when the market will close.


At 2pm we close and since we still had so much time left, we decided to take a stroll home.On our way we bought some fried pock😉😋.


This is a particularly risky thing for me to do because, i rear pigs and this pock could be from a pig with pig flu, so i run the risk of infecting my pigs.But still the pock was just so hard to resist 🤣🤣.
i and my cousin live in the same, quarter so i decided to pass by his place before going to mine.His mum had prepared rice and achu and as famish as i was, i decided to eat both.


There was no electricity so when we were done eating, we chatted for sometime then he brought some drinks, a bottle of whiskey(ponche) and a bottle of lemon juice and we began drinking.I don't really drink too much because, the effects of alcohol on me is always so devastating. Just after a glass of ponche i could feel my head spinning, which was a signal that i was exceeding my limits.After some time, i could feel the floor moving under my feet🤣😂😂 then i knew that there was no way i could get home in that state so i decided to take a nap.Places were already dark when i woke up, but i was feeling a little bit better so I decided to go home.
I live at Back travelers and due to the socio-political crisis affecting Bamenda, moving at night in this particular part of the region has become very unpopular.So i was ready to run like Usain bolt if need be😅. When i arrived home, i took a bath and went straight to bed but i couldn't sleep because i had already taken a nap at my friend's place. The cable man had finally connected my cable back so i decided to watch a movie.


The movie i watched is titled "pitch perfect 3" .It was a good movie but i never completed it though because i fell asleep.

I hope you enjoyed reading.