Women getting pregnant out of wedlock and Abuse from a female spouse as CAUSES OF FATHERLESS HOMES in Africa and around the world.

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Hello Steemians, as we fight to do our best to make the world a better place for all, we try our best to identify the causes of the problems around us so as to bring or create a solution to the problem. We identified ABSENT FATHERS as a serious problem for about 60% of children around the world.

We will evaluate the causes of fatherless homes command around the world, and We wish by this post create awareness to every youth about the danger of FATHERLESSNESS in our society. We already have an active post on the first cause of fatherlessness which is DIVORCE.
here is the link to the post:

Today we shall be taking two other cause which are:

  • Women getting pregnant out of wedlock
  • Abuse from a female spouse

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Pregnancy before wedlock is very rampant in our communities and
the world at large. Sometimes, pregnancy before marriage happens on
purpose, even though on most occasions it is unplanned. One can say the
cultural and religious views of marriage before pregnancy is no longer
valid for a lot of people.
Many factors account for pregnancy before marriage which shall be
outlined below.


• Sexual Activities Of Adolescent Girls:
Most adolescent girls get sexually active and start having sexual
intercourse mostly around the ages of 14 to 18 years depending on their
cultural backgrounds. This happens to most of them while they are still
in college or high school. Most of these girls have multiple sex partners
and a good number of them do not use protection during intercourse.
Not only are they valuable to pregnancy, but most of them also get
exposed to sexually transmitted infections, while others engage in unsafe
abortions and at times lose their lives in the course.
Parents and educational institutions always fail to start teaching these
young girls sexual education as early as 9 to 10 years old. Most often 90%
of children born by these adolescent girls end up fatherless or not having
a father figure in their lives.

• Abuse/Rape:
Sexual violence in women happens nearly every day and in every part of
the world. It is even more common in countries with a very weak
government. 98% of sexual violence occurs without the use of protection
and there are cases where the victim who is a woman falls pregnant to a
man she wishes to have never met and chances are she will see again.

Some of these victims result in abortion while others who fear losing
their lives due to abortions decide to keep the pregnancy. These children
who are the product of rape usually grow up without their fathers or
father figures in their lives. They grow up being raised by a single
mother who at times ends up not being able to love the child which was
the product of rape.

• Pregnancy on Purpose:
There are some women who want a baby and will do anything to have
one with or without a man by their side. This is very common
especially with women who are gradually moving towards menopause or
have given up their hopes of getting married.
Some women get pregnant in a new relationship especially when they
are already planning to start a family of their own. Most times if the
relationship fails, the woman ends up raising the child as a single mother
or gets married to another man who might not accept responsibility of a
the child that is not his.

Physical Abuse:

Physical abuse includes any activity that can cause physical pain or
injury, in an intimate relationship or marriage, physical abuse happens
when the abusive person;

  • Throws things at the spouse
  • Uses weapon on the spouse
  • Hits, kicks, or slaps the partner
  • Intentionally interferes with basic daily requirements like food,
    shelter, medicine, and sleep.

Sexual Abuse:

Most women use sex at times as an abusive method to get at their
partners. They use the following sexual abusive methods

  • Uses force or pressure to get her partner to have sex in a way he
    does not want.
  • Ridicules or criticizes him publicly regarding his poor
    performance in bed.
  • Withholds affection and sex to punish him for violating her


These are the use of words or actions to scare her partner.

  • Destroy Property:
  • Throw or smash things in the house, office, or anywhere.
  • Trash his clothes or other possessions.
  • Break furniture or windows of the house.


  • Threaten to harm or kill the spouse.
  • Threaten to harm or kill her own self or the children.
  • Threaten to blackmail her spouse

Stalk or Harass:

  • Follow him after they have separated to watch after his
  • Show up at the workplace uninvited.
  • Phone calls or text messages to his family, friends, or colleagues
    which are irritative and or aggressive.
  • Phone or send him to message repeatedly
    Every man in an abusive intimate relationship can tolerate these abuses
    just for a while until he can no longer take the abuse. He separates from
    the spouse, abandoning the children who happen to be the first victims
    resulting from the abusive relationship.
    Some men will not leave the relationship, but the torture and emotional
    break down might send them to an untimely death leaving behind their

We shall be looking at the following causes in our next post:

  • Death
  • Stress Caused by family burdens

please kind pick something from this post a make a change in your life or correct the error you are about to make.

Thanks for reading.


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