Blah blah blah on #themorningbowl

Good morning. I'm late this morning because well.. I can be.. there's no work..there's no coffee.. and I ain't got shit to do.. well I did decide to walk for coffee rather than making my own..


Blah blah blah..

Peace out y'all.. Dave




Drinking coffee is a very pleasant thing for everyone happy to enjoy my friend I wish you a pleasant day my friend

So will Santa being you weed for Christmas? Hope so. 🎅🏻

No. There is no Santa.

Merry Christmas Dave! Or whatever the fuck y'all believe. I hope your present is a stocking full of buds :-).

I would rather have a jar for weed.. stockings would break the buds up..

Enjoy the bowl and the coffee and Christmas double D!

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