Progress on 2 fronts

These Feminised Peyote's i gave to a mate are going off and are looking beautiful, these are in his glass house with only a clear roof - that thing on the left that looks like Chewbacca is a clone i gave him a couple of months back, what a freak but smells lovely :)
As for my other Brother from another mother he has chopped down his Northern Autflower and its hanging drying as i type
This is the mate that is growing under my old Chinese LED, which actually gives him better results than i am fucking getting with my COB LED which cost twice the amount!

Of well sharing is caring...cant wait to try some of this when its dry in about 10 odd days, this Northern Autoflower took 68 days from first popping through as a seedling for me:)

He thinks he will get close to 3oz which is better than a kick up the arse

Monday here and yes i am still from the future.....

All pictures are mine

I am @dr-autoflower


makes me realize I MUST start growing again! ill go to dark heart nursery soon

even my parents miss the smell of the flowers

anyway I just realized my 30 weedcash upvote is like a 30 cent upvote now bigger than my steem upvote ,m now that weedcash is 1 penny

Hi my friend,

Nice plants i think you and your mate are doing great work.
Lovely content i will upvote and resteem.

Enjoy Monday Bluntday..