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RE: Holly & Adam Wedding Film

in DTube2 months ago

Wow bro. This is amazing. So beautifully done. The storytelling is so good. I love all the subtle little bits when their actions match the lyrics in the music so well. Man, how long did you spend matching those frames? haha. wow.

I'm glad they didn't let covid stop their lives. This is great to see.

Having said that, only in America with your automatic cars can a man drive while holding hands with his fiance lol. Here I drive manual (stick shift). No hand holding for me :D


Well first off thank you! So the first part of that video was storyboarded and shot listed. Music picked ahead of time and shot list then sent to the couple. We spent 1 day shooting the first half and second half was shot at their reception which was another day. When you have it storyboarded and a shot list, it actually goes pretty smoothly for edit.

True on the cars, haha. Almost every car here is automatic these days :D