DTC Giveaway On YouTube?

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I’m very fast approaching the required 1k subs at which point I should start making some of that sweet centralised money from Adsense, as long as I stay in their good books and don’t say anything too controversial, lol.

Anyhow, I’m thinking of doing a giveaway on YT, but the last few times I’ve done them, I’ve had some issue or the other. I once posted a camera to Mexico which never arrived. Another time I couldn’t send a PayPal payment to someone because of where they live.

Crypto should solve all these geo-political issues, as long as the recipient owns a crypto wallet. DTC would be my top choice of crypto to giveaway since it’s a video utility token, however I’d be open to sending the winner the reward in the currency of their choice.

If you want to help push me over the 1k subs, then please subscribe here

I’m also thinking of starting a purely crypto channel since that’s what I talk about more than 50% of the time now. I don’t want to chase my non-crypto subscribers away :)

Peace & Love,


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It's crazy, those geographical problems are one of the reasons why I never think of send or recieving anything. Nevertheless I have subscribed to your YouTube channel a long time ago, nevertheless it'll be great to add the remaining 40 subscribers hopefully you'll hit that in a few days. But like you said YouTube frowns at it, however you plan it though it's fair enough. "Giveaways giveaways who is the fairest of them all" hahaha.

Hahaha. I remember Liz sent you a package that never got to you. So sad.
Well if you win the prize, at least you can get the crypto no problem haha.

Yeah of course I remember the Lizzie package that never got to me, it hurt so much. Lol no issues about the giveaway it'll be an added bonus hahaha.

I’ve subscribed

Thank you, much appreciated.

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