[COOKING VLOG] How To Make Pumpkin Porridge With Coconut Milk Sauce

in DTube11 months ago (edited)

Sweeten your day full of fatigue with Pumpkin Porridge With Coconut Sauce!

I promise you how to make it won't complicate you.


The sweet taste of Pumpkin Porridge With Coconut Milk Sauce will make you able to have more energy after you are tired of working.

Stay tuned!

P.S: Music Backgroud: Iced Tea by Not the king

Enjoy My Video and Have A Great Day!


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Such an amazing recipe for pumpkin. Weldone @anggreklestari!

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Enak seperti kolak ubi ya @anggreklestari ?👍🤤😁

Iya tp santannya dipisah. Dan sy pakai tepung sagu supaya kental dan bikin kenyang