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RE: A Rambling : The Way We Talk to People ( Ex. Tron and Steem) and The Professional Mannners in which We Use is Very Improtant

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I think the issue is many people have a lot of stake involved in this place. I think it is pretty easy for me to say "hey everyone, lets calm down" when I have invested pretty much none of my money into it. There are some people who have invested a large portion of their savings etc. I can understand how emotions can get high when someone threatens that. I think another thing to consider is unless you have met some of these people in person, that might just be the type of person they are. I've got friends who swear every other word. It doesn't make them a bad person, that is just who they are. Personally, I try to keep my blog pretty clean. That's just the kind of person I am. I am not disagreeing that there hasn't been some pretty nasty stuff said on the chats, I am just saying I can empathize.


Though everything you say here has is truth, I don't agree.

I cuss. I enjoy the colorful language and added enthusiasm that a raw vocabulary offers but I DO NOT use such language (at least rarely so and regretfully when it does slip) during business matters. I know others who could say the same.

Investments and emotions are no excuse. In fact, all the "emotion" argument says is that x person has poor emotionally intelligence. I know all about this- I'm a shit box for lacking emotional intelligence.

My concern would be, if even someone such as myself who has mental disabilities hindering control would be able to keep herself in check than how can thousands of people (and maybe millions in the future) not panic in concern when Steem powerhouses cannot?

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I get that, but this isn't just business for some of the people. It is very personal. Logic can go out the door when things get personal... If I stood to loose tens of thousands of dollars if not more, I'd probably be dropping some f-bombs too.

Legit points, buddy !!

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