Fabio's Chest Bikepacking Bag on Surly ECR

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It's been 6 long months or so to receive, but worth the wait. Fabio's Chest Bikepacking Bag from Ultraromance is a great bag. Manufactured by the folks at Swift Industries out west, this bag is a really good design. If you have interest, be prepared to wait, but go check out ronsbikes.com to get an order placed.

Tent: https://geni.us/FZSQ0J
Footprint: https://geni.us/9NUa4
Phone Holder - https://geni.us/kNIOK
Brooks Proofide - https://geni.us/nhzW
Brooks Saddle - https://geni.us/5YRP
Bike Pump - https://geni.us/GiOOCE5
Portable Stove - https://geni.us/9kOcwgj
Affordable Tent - https://geni.us/xnUQeAF
Bar Ends - https://geni.us/F0fT
Cook Kit - https://geni.us/fnAG7XC
Cycling Socks - https://geni.us/rKZDsK
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Cycling Shorts - https://geni.us/4KhwVbs
Battery Pack - https://geni.us/xfNbHM
Bigger Battery Pack - https://geni.us/sFVB
Cycle Touring Tires - https://geni.us/l3rOSS
Frame Pack - https://geni.us/K0ZfD
Hammock - https://geni.us/ejwP
Cycling Camera - https://geni.us/PNMxczt

Camera - https://geni.us/odTf8p
Lens - https://geni.us/ROh7hK
Microphone - https://geni.us/2MRA9
Drone - https://geni.us/CmOHxF6

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