Bags By Bird Goldback Large on Surly ECR

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Bikepacking bags are always fun to try and see what works and what doesn't. Today is a review of Goldback Large from Bags by Bird. If you aren't familiar with BagsXBird then they are small batch bag builder who specializes in hand made bags that are amazing craftsmanship. Check them out at and tell 'em CaptainBob sent you.

Phone Holder -
Brooks Proofide -
Brooks Saddle -
Bike Pump -
Portable Stove -
Affordable Tent -
Bar Ends -
Cook Kit -
Cycling Socks -
Gorilla Clip -
Cycling Shorts -
Battery Pack -
Bigger Battery Pack -
Cycle Touring Tires -
Frame Pack -
Hammock -
Cycling Camera -

Camera -
Lens -
Microphone -
Drone -

Sound Stripe: - User code: BradBeaird for 10% off

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