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RE: W.W.S.D. ( What Would Steemians DO ) Woman Defends 2 Spanish Speakers Harassed at Colorado Supermarket

in DTubelast year

I'd probably give her a piece of my mind but it also depends on whether she's clearly mental.

If it's a mental health issue, best for all to just ignore the person and they will walk on by.


Yeah that's true @charcoalbuffet. I didn't think about the mental health angle

Not too long ago had a client in the office that was perfectly coherent and cognizant until in his last few sentences when he spoke about being the devil, and why he happened to be all dressed in black. It was all so calmly said without missing a beat that it left us speechless where all we could do was eye each other, so yeah, it can be difficult sometimes to figure out when someone is mentally ill and just simply an ignorant racist.

Thanks @streetstyle for your Comment ;)

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