Scuba Diving at The Monuments - Botany National Park, Kurnell

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A little video from Scuba diving at The Monuments in Botany Bay National Park, Kurnell with Kim as my dive Buddy. Its nice being able to get out and about outdoors again (legally).
Its my first time diving this site and also in the middle of testing and getting my drysuit/gear in working shape again for diving in Sydney after a while in storage.
I recently replaced my wrist seals which were chemically melted for unknown reasons and switched to a 2 piece Fourth Element Arctic undergarment which was warm and comfortable that I didn’t realise the suit slightly flooded until post dive. Haven’t been able to identify where its leaking from so could be user error so will have to test that out again in a week or so before I start getting into the boat dives.
Canon 5DmIII with 16-35mm f4L IS in Ikelite Housing. Sea & Sea Internal Correction Filter and Magic Filter attached.
Olympus TG5 with no housing or filter as the secondary camera – I think footage would turn out much better with a magic filter but will gain a lot of noise from low light.

Music: Deep Blue Sea (ft. Yehezkel Raz) by Sivan Talmor via Artlist:

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