"Lucid Dreams" An Underwater Photoshoot with Kayla Piscopo

in DTube11 months ago (edited)

An underwater photoshoot with model/singer Kayla Piscopo (IG: @kalyajosephs) earlier in the year. The underwater footage was created with an Olympus TG5 P&S camera using slow motion 120fps video function and edited in Davinci Resolve.
Its nice how capable these little cameras are which I use along side a much larger and heavier 5DmIII system.

Music "Shiori" – Macaroom via Artlist- https://artlist.io/Chris-18932

Underwater model shoots is a self funded personal creative art project I do for the sake of creating art and also challenging myself technically to improve as a photographer. Aside from being extremely challenging in all aspects its also one of the most expensive and high risk due to cost of equipment, chance of equipment damage that insurers will not cover, safety for myself and the model/team. Always great to get some feedback on my work, support/subscribers or anyhelp finding clients or sponsors so I can keep these personal projects alive.

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