[Dutbe] What is Really Happening with the CoronaVirus and Lockdown in France? Live Update with Amina Motala

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Hi Dtube Fam,

I jumped on a call with my friend Amina Motala who flew to Paris earlier last week and is currently trying to get back into Canada before the French travel ban begins.

She shares her on the ground of experiences of what it’s really like over in France right now. We talk about a variety of things including:

  • What international travel was like a week ago vs. right now.

  • Are the streets empty in France, or are people still going about their businesses?

  • What is the sentiment with locals? Has there been a big economic impact on local businesses?

  • The steps they are taking to stay safe and protect themselves while traveling.

  • What has the process been of trying to fly home amid international travel bans? Was airfare cheap like everyone is saying?

  • Did she have any trouble with the Canadian Government in terms of flying back in from Europe? What rules/stipulations did they put on travel?

I hope you enjoy my chat with Amina and hear more of an “on the ground” account of what’s really happening in France right now and the steps they are taking to get back to Canada.

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Covid-19 is giving worldwide governments the opportunity to reset their financial systems.

It's going to be a crazy next month between markets and the virus. I'm honestly more scared about what governments will do and how they might leverage this to take away more of our freedoms.

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beautiful place to be on lockdown, so much unmade money because of the flu. SMH

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