Buying Goods with Crypto is Good for Adoption

in DTube11 months ago

A lot of people talk about Bitcoin spending as a really important step for adoption - but in order for people to spend their bitcoin… there have to be merchants that accept it.

There is a new luxury sunglass brand called Yunizon that just launched and I was really excited when they reached out to me because even though they are a complete lifestyle brand - they are also super excited about cryptocurrency and helping to advance the space.

What I love is that I feel like getting a merchant to accept bitcoin is a struggle enough - but I thought it was really cool to see a brand literally accept a whole basket of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, BCH, ETH, and Litecoin.

If you are needing some new shades as we head into summer I’d definitely recommend checking them out - I got the Libera in narrow - but they have a whole host of cool designs for both men and women.

Check out the designs here ➡️

So check them out if you need some new shades or think someone in your life would enjoy them as a gift. It's always nice to support brands that make a concerted effort to accept crypto!

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