Overcoming Challenges & #DTube #Marketing With @BirdInc

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What's up Guys? How you doin' Angels? Hope you are all enjoying the weekend 😎. Today I will be kicking off with some tunes and an airdrop while waiting for non other then @BirdInc to make an appearance on todays show! While we wait I will discuss a little about over coming challenges, what determination actually means to me.

Hopefully we get @BirdInc to join us on todays Live Stream, a former Steem & Blurt marketing contributor, to give us a little background on what he is doing in helping push DTube to the next level. Join us in OneLoveDTube Discord to be part of the conversation, link below.

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Hey .... I finally got Dtube working from my iPad.... It is difficult to post since many of the pop ups are on top of the things I need to enter so I’m not sure I’m doing everything correctly. Devs should look at how the Post video page looks from an iPad ... it’s a mess.

Can you please take screenshots and refer to the official dtube discord help, I think they will value the input 👍 Tip coming your way for being awesome and getting it working!

Ok... will do a screenshot and send ...

Wow.... I was able to give you a full 1 DTC with a 50% upvote. Not bad.

I know right the system is mind boggling ... game theory to the max!