[NES] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Arcade Day 6

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Damn it, it's getting ridiculous as now came bikers and cars trying to kill the little turtle. Not only that, the craziest part was the ninja enemies now carry missles and throw them as bombs! Crazy stuff eh.

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You play this or? 🤔

Exactly. Having loads of fun playing with Nintendo retro games nowadays. LOL

I am imagine that. My kid gave me a dancing mat. 😄

Well then, record the game play, upload it via YouTube, share it via d.tube, and it goes hive steem altogether 🤣 when you get upvoted in d.tube, your get DTC, when you get upvoted in steem, you get steem, and hive for hive. If you get upvoted someone like me in d.tube, you will get all 3 🤣

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I cannot upload, hardly search on google or youtube. My internet is not strong enough. Most times I wait, wait till something loads. It's not worth a 10 km drive to the library either, sitting in a cold car. It's winter.

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