More thoughts about DTube and DTC.

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In this video I talk about DTC, how hyped about I am about holding it and how I am looking to trade My Splinterlands cards for DTC, if anyone out there is interested. I also recommend a way to support creators if your VP is too small.

Just watch the video and let me know what you think in the comments!

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great video bro! DTC to the moon

Thanks man! hahaha yeah $0.25 is insanely cheap right now.

Thanks for the great video man! @tibfox is the man right? The bot he programmed is awesome and it has increased engagement on Dtube for sure!

Tipping is a great way to support content creators indeed my friend. I have used tipping only a couple of times and it's fast and easy to do!

I'll text you if I am gonna need any Splinterlands cards but mna I feel the same! I just wanna stack as much DTC as I can hahaah!
Cheers bro

Thanks man! Really appreciate the insightful comment bro.

100% @tibfox boosted engagement BIG TIME. And as I say on the video, this is an amazing and generous way of him to use his Leader VP, hes the man.

I only used it once so far but I plan to use it more from now on, no doubts.

And sure man, hit me up if you want some cards, I love SPL and it hurts to see my cards go but I am way more hyped about DTC at the moment so... I am just trying to diversify.

Man, I love that forest where you are. I think wrote me on discord but I was not sure it was really you because there are a lot of scams in discord. I just want to be sure it was you or not :)

Thanks man! Really appreciate your comment. Yes, it was me that wrote you on Discord, no worries, it was not a scam 😊😊

I have been thinking the same thing about sending DTC, especially the new people that create awesome content. If I upvote them at 1M vp, I get most of the rewards from that.

That would be great man! You have a massive influence and its great to know you you want to use it wisely 👏👏