DTC Action week - Whales are catching up!

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Hey everyone!

In this video I will show you guys a bit of Lake Matheson, a cool spot here in Fox Glacier. Also, lets talk about DTC, we had a crazy week with lots of volume, price spike and more.

On a side note, my new gimbal arrived and this is my first video using it. I hope you can tell the difference and enjoy the clips. I need to learn how to use it properly and to get the most out of it but I think for a first try my results were not too bad.

Hope you enjoy the video and please leave a comment if you did!

Music: Joakim Karud: Rock Angel

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The DTC price changes as does the BTC price😀🚀🚀🚀 I added the leofinance tag. You can also add your videos there if you want some LEO😉

What a beautiful place! I can imagine the air is very fresh. And the sound of running water is one of the most relaxing things.

Yes the token has been doing very well. Youtube has made some more changes that may push more people here too.

The air is super fresh man, you got that right.

Yeah it doesn´t surprise me that YT keeps making it harder and harder for the average content creator to monetize and get decent revenue from their efforts... Good for DTube tho!

Que hermoso lugar, me encanta Nueva Zelanda. Ha sido una semana increíble con relación al precio del DTC y como se está moviendo todo. Grandes noticias al saber que ahora se ve el DTC en CoinGecko.

Really want to see how the community will grow. That's what I am more excited about.

Yeah me too, we need more creators and we need to get the OG gang back in the game, DDaily fam is hibernating XD

ohhh for sure. I miss so many of the OG faces. Not only we had some awesome people but also great creators with a lot to offer! :D

Really miss New Zealand, nice video thanks