Free Full Spectrum Oracle Tarot Reading for Everyone - Animal, Plant, & Gaia Spirit Channel

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Truth, Love, Respect, & Honor.


@porters here on behalf of @NaturalMedicine - A Beautiful reading with some beautiful cards and write ups! I like that you chose to look at the pictures and give your personal interpretation first - that brings it down to a more personal level and reaches more to my heart. There is some good insights to be gained from these cards and a wonderful resource! Thanks for sharing and I'm happy you found comfort in these, they are very powerful cards! Your reading bought a smile within! Much love and happiness to you!

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Thank you @Porters - you always be looking out for me on here. I am always glad to see you pop up on my blog. Glad you enjoyed the reading. Much love!

Hey bro! Sorry I missed this. Maybe you can start using the canna-curate tag since you are an og steemian,cannabis post or not, all is welcome.

So can say I know much about this topic,but I do understand full spectrum. I guess we all need full spectrum in all areas of life. To me that’s interesting!

I will keep that in mind. You should check out the video when you get a minuet. I put a lot of intention in that reading to be for everyone who sees it. I hope it helps you as much as it did me. Blessings.

So great to hear from you my friend and that you have found guidance from these cards. Such a in-depth reading you have gotten by combining these decks together, I feel as though you have catered for the many layers that we all carry with us. All guiding us towards our true self. We all need reminding to slow down and observe xxxx

Thanks for always having my back sista.