How to Grafting lemon Tree

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Title of The Video: Grafting of Lemon Tree

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Lemon tree grafting is very easy. In this lockdown time, I have done some grafting on two of my home’s lemon trees. Lemon is very nutrious fruit filled with vitamin C. So, I decided to some copy of lemon tree of previous two trees through grafting. I have collected three trees through grafting of lemon tree. Three are three ways I know about grafting on lemon tree. The shortest and simplest method I have applied here. Hopefully in next video I shall show you three received grafted lemon tree from my operation of grafting. Here I’m showing soil preparation only. Thanks.

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I hope you have got a good idea on this topic. Feel free to ask about this topic in the comment box and give me your valuable suggestion about which area I can improve.

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