Delicious Recipe - Hilsa Fish Egg Curry

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This Lockdown Life Day-24, hope all of you well and safe, in the lockdown life and our times can be made more enjoyable if we try a little with delicious food.Today I will show with you how to make Delicious Hilsa fish egg curry Recipe.


Everyone likes to eat Hilsa fish eggs. Hilsa fish eggs have many nutritional qualities. Its contain vitamin D & A
So let's try to should keep our daily diet list food healthy and well.
For this you need:

  1. Hilsa fish egg
  2. Onion Slice
  3. Soybean Oil
  4. Green Chili (Like quantity)
  5. Salt (Like quantity)
  6. Yellow powder
  7. Red Chili powder


Check the video and watch how I make it.

Be healthy- Be safe!

Enjoy Quarantine Life!

|> tania <|
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