I am kind've over personal vlogging

in DTube3 months ago

I just feel a total lack of inspiration to do any more personal vlogs. I told myself a few months back, once BTC reaches new all-time highs, I will drastically reduce my personal presence on the affected blockchains.

I will still do random videos, but it is will be more in the arty genre... street life, sunsets, surfing, views of the environment etc. Just no more talking from me.

Stay safe,


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Yo Bro, long time no see... and i'm kind of surprised of all the changes all over. Though i'm surprised about your loss of motivation, man. But i do understand, especially after all the bullshit scamdemic and the psycho turning of most society... myself i just found some little motivation for a time-lapsed comeback with all my food stuff. since all the effort into writing posts on hive and steem are just a big joke for now... hmm. Ha, it was good to see you anyways. I may ping you for some sandwich videos... hehehe. Stay safe Bro... Greetings from Brittany France.