The Eye of Akasha

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I just DON'T have the energy to actually WRITE with the few hours that are left "for me"... so... I have taken to a slightly more rusty outlet... digital doodles on my my phone.

I did it once, then twice and to be frank, I am finding that it is a GREAT release for the psychological stress of the situation that we currently find ourselves in. Yeah, I know the scribbles I share are no great shakes but it is good therapy hahaha!!!

Therapy on the move lol!


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


Copy of lifestyle  inspirations.png

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great work on this one

Yes I totally understand, it is a stressful time, so I realized we need to be kinder to ourselves now, to nurture ourselves and be gentler, less demanding. I am only posting every second day as a result and not every day.

Very true and pretty much the same this side.

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