The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - Just Keep Swimming!

in DTubelast year (edited)

Big shout out to @elianaicgomes for highlight how important the message from Finding Nemo is....

'Just keep swimming...!'

No matter what!!!!

And we're back for another awesome sauce week of the Road to 10k....Even though I ended up doing this video at 2am LOL

This week's featured member has just been crushing it since he joined the CTP tribe and Steem blockchain - @hirohurl

Make sure to give him a follow and check out all his content!

Thank you SO MUCH for being a member of this community. I appreciate you so much.....Hope you enjoy the show!

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Thanks for a great video Jon, and nice highlight of David, he's doing really great videos with his own unique style.

And Just Keep Swimming, great advice from Eliana and Dory, that's what matters, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

Thanks man, appreciate the comments. Yup, fantastic advice from them both ;)

Well you definitely picked a good member to highlight this week.
Congrats to David @hirohurl he has his own unique way of presenting himself and he throws a fair bit of humour into it so that is enough to attract me, can't beat a good laugh and I like people who can laugh at themselves he would qualify to be an Aussie immediately on just those ground alone.
Whale, mega Whale I don't think I will get use to those sort of titles but I can say I am my own Special Force of CTP until the Real Special Force is finalised then I will use my power to assist there.
Just Cruisin Along and doing my best for the Great CTP Community

Dude, own it!!!!! You are the CTP Mega Whale!!!! lol

Once again another great Post -
Big shout out to David @hirohurl - I really enjoy his posts and his videos, he is good value add to the community well done

Speaking of community, it is great to see more people giving support and not giving up, Love it :)

Agreed....So honored to be a part of all of this. It truly is remarkable!

A very big welcome to @hirohurl this weeks featured member. I have been seeing his posts since he joined ctp. He has become a great member in a very short time. Yes 2 a.m. had to stay up late and wait for Jon to get this post done. Well it just started to snow here, they are saying we are going to have the worst storm we have ever head here, that remains to be seen. As for all the fud going on it will work out one way or the other, and we will still all be here either way, so no point loosing any sleep over it. Have a great week all.

Yeah man, nothing I can do or any of us can do to fix the problems of the world...So we need to worry about what we can control and fix 'our world'...If that makes sense...

A good Stoical attitude to cultivate.

Thank you @ericburgoyne ! I'm now following you.

Nice, keep crushing it man!

Getting close to 600 ctp tokens. I should start thinking about a goal for when I want to achieve 1000 ctp tokens.

Very nice! Congrats on that....Hope all the engaging is helping!!

Oh, it absolutely does 😊

I didn't know David until he started to post on CTPTalk... Now, I can't wait to see his new videos... @hirohurl is a great value for our community! A great choice for featured member!

And, yeah... We have drama everywhere... Steem-Tron, Coronavirus... Heads down and Just keep swimming...

Thank you @ph1102 ! Appreciate you too!

That's it man....Just keep swimming...We'll go right through the crap!

Hey @jongolson THANK YOU for the shout out! I really appreciate it. I was completely oblivious to it for about 24 hours as I was out on the razzle (^v^)! Hoping to get back on with making #2020Vision videos from today...

For sure man, thank you for everything you have been doing for this tribe. Appreciate you!

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