The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - And Here We Go....

in DTubelast year

It's coming....

The HIVE hardfork is upon us and what does that mean to our little weekly meet up on the Road to 10k?


I'm still doing them, and encourage you guys to.....KEEP CREATING!

This is such an awesome opportunity for everyone in the community and I can't wait to see what will happen over the next few weeks...

Keep creating. Keep engaging. Keep curating. And keep the COMMUNITY first!

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Wow what a week it has been. Great show as always and yes all we can do is stay the course and keep creating and for us with ctp power we will keep on up voting your great content. I am starting to fall down the ctp power list so I will have to work on getting back into the top 10. The hive will be great. Just remember you can earn token on both chains now and I for one will be up voting on both chains. We will make it threw all of this in good shape. Have a great week all

On all 3 in fact ;)

We should see this as a massive opportunity and embrace it.

Forgive me I didn't comment the last show..shame on me you even highlight me and Dory!
But it's been crazy these last few days..both online and offline..
Bad stuffs aside, I'm excited with what's coming!
If having one Steem blockchain was already awesome, can't imagine two!
Will see how it goes!
In the meantime, I'll go wherever the community goes!
With all this isolation, you all are like family to me by now and precious specially now!
Thank You!!
CTP Tribe rocks!!!

Yeah I think there will be time to cool down after tomorrow and then the real work starts. Exciting times!

All I can say about Forks and Hive is
I still use a knife and fork they are shiny!

LOL Stay crowsin' my friend!

Thank you, Jon! CTP is still my favorite community. I wonder if you'll be adding a HIVE module on CTP too? Anyway, it's all wait and see for me, but I'm all out in support of the concept of decentralization. So I will definitely be checking out HIVE. I'll be here, there, everywhere. 😂😂

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I'm going to be re-doing all the lessons. Rebranding and seeing what I can salvage. But there will be all new lessons :)

Oh, yeah... Community rocks and OUR CTP Tribe is the best!

It's not because it's ours, it's because people here think with their heads and help from their heart...

Thanks everyone!

That's exactly it. We are working for each other, and truly trying to build each other up. That is so awesome!

Hi Jon, great vid again, and yes a big shout out to the CTP Talk community, Looking forward to re purposing onto Hive :) and start to build up some resources there.
Will love to see what the CTP Talk link will be to Hive.
Exciting times ahead

You work Tirelessly for the community and your support is outstanding.
and just when Blain thought he could have a breather lol, along comes the swarm

Appreciate you man. Yeah we'll be re-working everything once the launch happens and things settle down a bit. Very excited for sure :)

I find that my ctp miners are getting bigger results all of a sudden. I guess a lot of people are unstaking and selling their miners. More ctp for me! I love it.

yup, that could be the case for sure. Wont take much to get some bigger results from them.

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