Dealing With Life-Imposed Leadership Roles; What Makes You A Leader? (A Life Ramble)

in DTube2 months ago

Sometimes life's accords us leadership roles simply because of our experience, the circumstances surrounding our birth and so many other things too. In reality leadership sometimes chooses us and not the other way round, this is a sort of leadership that sometimes we can't really run away from. However leadership corrupts as well as it comes with many advantageous aspect.
In this video I talked about why I often preferred to be led rather than to lead, and why sometimes people should allow leadership to chose them rather than the other way round.
In my case as I talked about in the video even if I know I can lead to a certain extent it's a challenge I know I would accept because it might exploit my emotional Weaknesses.

(Don't engage based on what you've read alone as this is just the tip of the iceberg, the video will eventually enlighten you more.)

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