A Decline Into A State Of Poverty; What Is Wrong With Entrepreneurship In Nigeria?

in DTube2 months ago

There's is a huge disparity in the Nigerian financial setting and this is divided into those who are making the money and those that are helping the people that makes money to even make more money. In this video i stressed the hinderance to entrepreneurship and why the government themselves are the reasons why people hardly aspire to own their businesses, create wealthy without borders or limit.

The rate of inflation is causing more poverty than unemployment is and because people are limited in how much they earn, these greedy business owners are aiming to become richer at the expense of people and as a result of this people will always be limited in how much they earn working for coperate entities.

Because of the discouragement from commercial banks, angel investors and government policies people are not open to the risk of opening their own business even if they know they'll earn money working for stipend but still become poor.
I talk about how blockchain and crypto can bring that risk factor and propel people to become risk takers in Nigeria.

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