The Denial Games Played By The Nigerian Government; (Uncovering Deeper Conspiracies)

in DTube2 months ago

The CNN conducted her own media investigations about the killings that took place in the Lekki toll gate and it just confirms that fact that the Nigerian government are trying to vehemently deny, hide evidence of the masaccre of her own citizens by her milirary that took place almost a month ago. It started with blame games and now it's back to denial games. The Lagos state government should take responsibility for the killings but it's obvious they're protecting an entity, a cabal that funds their political parties and generally the federal government is trying to shut people off even the evidences are just too glaring to be ignored.
In this video I talk about how the government has desperately tried to hide everything that's currently going on in a deeper conspiracy that leads to even bigger secrets, I talk all about this this video.

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