Taking Cognisance Of Some Certain Elasticity Limits: How It Should Determine Our Choices In Life.

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Growth is a necessity to prove progress in one's life and development is certainly taking a different form, a different angle or becoming even more better versions of us as a result of the growth we go through in life.
However it's imperative to understand that we have limits to how much we can expand, while our growth and development might not be limited, it gets to a stage where we become Fragile and we can no longer expand our mind, make choices quickly and have our intellectual capacities the way it use to be
We're like charged batteries we perform or function at a maximal level of expectations but then we must know or recognise when we can't anymore.
We're designed to know our weaknesses even if we don't acknowledge them.
Because we're not immortals we have limits, our bodies gives limits to our mind and when we have expanded ourselves to an extent there's a tendency that we might break and that's where we need to take caution.

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