My Commitment To The Steem Community In This Crash Time

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Hello Dtube Community 💕 💞,

I found out that been on Steem blockchain for me is a blessing and I need to get on in every activities going on to promote steem itself. Lately I got to know that some delegations has been removed from some Steem DApps. I had to support this great Community with my own delegations as well. We need to grow up with other positive alternative to support the whole Community.

I am supporting @dtube, @steemcleaners, @tasteem, @spaminator and @oracle-d with (200 Steempower each )

Let support and secure our community

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Thank you, my brother. You along with so many are showing the world who we are. Taking care of each other in the face of bad times.

May my G-D bless you and your GOD bless you better!

@sgt-dan. Thanks am doing this for us. We own the Steem Community and we are very United. Now we are facing a lot of bad challenges we should be able to make some scarifices. Please me to resteem this post so that many people too can join the movement. Nothing is too small. The Steem Community has done more for us let give back in time of hardship.

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I am sorry. I won't be resteeming. I salute your efforts although some of your delegations I can not, in good conscience, agree to. Specifically @dtube.

Don't worry brother, There's gonna be plenty of positive change coming soon! We're cutting the anchor we've had on our leg for way to long. :)

Thanks for commenting.

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