Justin Sun's Bad Ego And Pride || Hostiletakeover

in DTubelast year (edited)

Hello Dtube Community 💕 💞,

This is very important to the entire Steem Community as a whole and as a body for future reference as well. Yes, we all know the Justin Sun is rich and wealthy to own so much big business and so many stake for cryptocurrency but not to own a community. He happened to be a ( liar ) and also a bad steemian Investor, he may has more huge stake in other cryptocurrency World, when a leader lead his followers by fake example what does that mean to the whole Community of Steem? He has bad ego and he ended up with pride as well. We as a big family of STEEM will never let your governance ruin the whole Steem Community. Aside the uncensered fake Steem Witnesses you empowered, you also enaged in all sort of lies. Steem is not a person, we are Community for the future. @justinsunsteemit

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