Today I cleaned up some polluted garbage from our office porch [cleanplanet - 14/01/2021🌍🌏]

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Hey friends

How are you all.I hope everybody is well.Today is Thursday 14 January 2021.I hope you're having a great day.And welcome back to my another @cleanplanet walk again.

I came to my office this morning.Then I saw some polluted garbage on the porch of the office.Originally there were lots of cigarette butts on the porch.Because it is a public place.There have a dustbin on the porch.Yet some unconscious people throw cigarette butts in the office porch.So I collected those cigarette butts and threw them in the dustbin.I made a video while cleaning the porch.I shared that video with you here.Hopefully you all watch this video.And let's protect our environment from pollutants.

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