DTubers!! DO NOT make this THUMBNAIL mistake...

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Big love to all the Dtube fam!! I had to drop by quickly to remind everyone to consider where DTube (and other) platforms put their 'overlay' stuff... Views, vote power or whatever it is..

SUPER simple point to make really.. and a reminder if nothing eles - Just keep ANY important info or details away from the bottom corners of your thumbnail.
..that's it!!... Simple as!

It appears to still being overlooked by some veteran dtubers (EVEN your boy @nicolcron himself!! ) and that quite a few videos on the trending page today have info/text obscured cos of this oversight.
Anyway, I hope you are all well and have a lovely rest of your day wheverver you are!! :)

LOVE is all

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Nice one bro and thanks for the tip! Much appreciated!

Hope you are all fine Mark!