@nicolcron presents - 'Locked Out' Death Skateboards - Pioneer, St Albans (2020)

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Dtubers...skatehive crew... Apologies for my eratic posting..
This is why I have been so busy!!

I hope you are all good my friends! After all this time I have the Death Skateboards edit that came out last week to share it with you!!

I had mad difficulty salvaging the footage from a broken computer and amongst other things, one way or another ended up struggling for a WHOLE YEAR on this one!

I will save you the sob story and just say that I came up with a cool concept and we got it done!! :)

I am EXTREMELY proud to present 'Locked Out' featuring a bunch of our team, at the Pioneer Skatepark in St. Albans, England.

Edited by your boy, nicolcron

NOTE- I have been a part of Death skateboards for 22+ years (since the start), so I am posting this edit with FULL permission of Death Skateboards and our friends (who skate too) who made the music.
100 percent legit my friends!! :)

Love is all!

Featuring in order of appearance...
Richie Jackson
Mike Simons
Mark Radman
Charlie Spelzini
Kieran Waterton
Dan Cates
Rob Smith
Adam Moss
Mark Nicolson

..and our friends..
Brandy Row
Alex Barton
Felix Parker
Joe Looney

Thank you so much to the Pioneer Skatepark family and staff for their consistant love and support for UK skateboarding!

Filmed 1 year ago (pre-lockdown), rescued and restored from a broken computer for Death Skateboards TV.

Zak Watson
Mark Nicolson,
Mark Radden,
Nick Zorlac and a few clips from our friends.

'Lost' by nicolcron

Main part
'Delete this' by MANUFACTURED!

'Premeditated Retrospect' by Hydraulic Blue

Huge THANK YOU and MAD LOVE to...
-Everyone at the Pioneer, past and present.
-Brandy Row for hooking up the music

'Locked out' Death Skateboards, Pioneer, St Albans Death Skateboards TV 2020

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DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE! I have no words! The intro has a strong message, the tricks were savage and my homie @nicolcron doing his signature coffin grind ❤️?!? Couldn't have watched anything better to start my day!

Hope 2021 won't be as fucked up as 2020.
Mad skate love Mark ❤️

Thank you bro!! I really wanted to make this one special somehow and I am so glad it comes across!
I hope you are all good bro!! Thank you for the lovely message!

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