Re-Creating old clips - Ep 02 - COFFIN GRIND - My Unique Skate trick from 2003 RE-MADE in skate 3

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You asked for it!... So here it is! Coffin grind!

Ep 02 of re-creating tricks from my past was requested by enough homies to make it into this weeks episode!!

In 2003 I went to a place in the UK called Milton Keynes, and grinded a ledge and then got into a 'Coffin' position, then stood back up and hopped off the ledge.... simple right?
Nearly 20 years later my old friends have convinced me to try to remake it in skate3 on the xbox360

The original clip was the ender to my section in a video from 2004 called Squadrophenia... Good times!!
Shoutout to Death Skateboards for always having my back all these years!
And to the Skatehive crew!! D.Tubers, and all crypto skaters making a new future!!!
It's all love!! :)

Thank you so much for watching!!

Let me know what trick/line I should re-create next week!! :)

LOVE is all

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