Underwater Skateboarding (Before go pro's) Funny behind the scenes with Dan Cates

in DTubelast year (edited)

Hi there Dtubers and Steemians! I found a great one to share with you today! =)

A really funny behind the scenes I made with Dan Cates and friends, when we filmed his section ender for the Better Than Life video 2009.
Dan really wanted to be the first person to get an under water streetplant on film and as usual he came to me to make it happen.

In the pre-gopro / LED light era, this was quite a task!
Dan borrowed a Sony waterproof casing/shell (even though he has a Panasonic), and well, the whole thing is a bit of a saga, not to mention we could have been electrocuted... (dont try this at home)
It was a lot of fun and we somehow managed to get the shot we wanted in the end!

Thanks for watching!
LOVE is all

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