How long should you BLEACH clothing for? ANSWERED! @nicolcron Tie / bleach dye T shirt DIY Experiment How to

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Hi there Dtubers and Steemians! In this video I show you the different results achieved from leaving undiluted bleach for varying periods of time, on a black (Gildan brand) t shirt.

I hope I answered the question of how long should you bleach a t shirt for!
Applies to a hoody, or most colored clothing for that matter.

I hope this info is helpful to someone out there!

(P.S. I am saving for a better camera, apologies for the quality in places)

All music was made by me too!

What should I try to bleach next?

Link to my OG how to tie dye bleach video below

It is a lot of fun to do! Just like real tie dye/tie dying, but waaaaay quicker and easier!

DISCLAIMER - BE VERY CAREFUL USING BLEACH! If you are under 18 YOU MUST ALWAYS get an adult to do the bleaching part as it can be VERY DANGEROUS And is an AGE RESTRICTED corrosive cleaning product.

So I am back on youtube after for a long while, as I have been using the Steem Blockchain and D.Tube (decentralised, censorship free social media alternatives) as my place to post videos and stuff! If you would like to check my stuff over there the links are below...

My Steemit blog

Can't be bothered with the hassle of making shirts? Or does it seem a bit sketchy messing with bleach? Well I completely understand!

So I set up this eBay affiliate link below, so you can check out TIE BLEACHED CLOTHING right now on eBay! (eBay affiliate link)

Loads of people are making bleached clothing all round the world, so I am pretty sure someone will ship to you, wherever you are!

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Thanks for watching! =)

LOVE is all

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Yo!! Thank you so much brother!! =)

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