This trick NEARLY ENDED me... Skate 3 CHALLENGES on hardcore @nicolcron LETS PLAY

in DTubelast year

Just grind the rail and go into the bank yeah?! Proper easy yeah?...
Well that's what I thought...Right before spending 4 hours trying to land 4 wheels in on that narrow bank!! Hahaha! Love it!

Please try some of these challenges today!! And leave a comment if you manage to do them in less than 4 hours!!

I ended up getting some clips on the ladder in someones pool, insane speed glitched up a hill to skate a gap with no run up andthe big one, the rail to bank.
ALL clips done on hardcore mode today (except the short intro warm up!)

Thank you for watching another nicolcron skate 3 epic challenge video!!!

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Hope you are all staying safe and well! Have a good one!! =)

LOVE is all

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