Pixie Dusted: The Lost Files of 2020 Vision | Chip Buddy, Saws & Chaos Pt. 2

in DTube11 months ago (edited)

LOL! I think I should also dig up some old video content to make up for lost time with the #2020Vision challenge this week!

Hahaha! Do it! That would be a riot. I actually enjoyed doing these videos even though I was kind of goofy. But I really felt a flow to them. I love being silly on cam lol.

I Love Chip Butties :)

Its an english thing in origin

And I really like top floor apartments :)

This video is epic by so many levels... looool...
Sawing, WTH?
Timmy drinking peach-flavored schnapps?
And for the end 11 times you said CPT talk... hahahahah... You had a rough day... lol

THanks for sharing!

Carbs on Carbs! How could that be bad?! LOL Enjoy the chicken sandwich.